Electrician – Apprenticeships


Electrician – Apprenticeships

An Electrician is involved in the installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of various wiring systems and services in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

The work of an Electrician ranges from wiring of domestic houses, offices and retail units to more complex systems involving instrumentation, process control and maintenance in industrial plants, hospitals and power stations.

Electricians also service, maintain and repair electrical equipment, both domestic and industrial.

Electricians employed by the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) engage in electrical power supply and distribution.

Electricians employed by electrical contractors are usually engaged in the installation of lighting, heating and power equipment and the repair of existing equipment and appliances.

Those in industrial employment are generally engaged in the maintenance and repair of factory plant, machinery and generating equipment.

Note: Experience has shown that higher grades of entry than those suggested by SOLAS are preferred for the Electrical Apprenticeship, due to the technical nature of the Electrical trade.

Employers typically seek applicants who have completed Leaving Cert including Maths (with at least a grade C3 in Ordinary Level Maths) and preferably Physics.



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